FAST food giants McDonald’s has had its application for a new sign outside their Astley Bridge branch knocked back — because it is too bright.

The restaurant wanted to install a double-sided sign, saying ‘Open 24 Hours’, below the golden arches outside the building.

Standing at four-metres, the sign would be lit up day and night — something Bolton Council said was unacceptable.

In refusing the application, a planning officer from Bolton Council said he rejected the bid because the advertisements would adversely affect the local area due to their design, size, materials, illumination, colour and height.

The report added: “The proposed advertisements would be located at an exceptionally high level and would be illuminated.

“While they are similar in some way to existing signs which they are to replace, the contrasting colour of the signs is considered to accentuate the visual impact of their height and illumination.

“The applicant has been encouraged to consider consistent colouring together with a reduced level of illumination, however no response has been received.”