DARTS champion Lisa Ashton has revealed that her four brothers used to make her practise the game with them when she was a youngster — but stopped when she started beating them.

Mrs Ashton then joined a local team with her mum and some friends and quickly moved up the ranks before winning the British Darts Organisation (BDO) Championship on Sunday.

The sporty mum-of-two, from Johnson Fold, came from two sets down to beat top seed and world number one, Deta Hedman, in the final.

She is now preparing for the World Trophy tournament in Blackpool next month with the help of her two daughters Lindsey, aged 23, and Danielle, aged 15.

Mrs Ashton, aged 43, said: “My brothers used to play darts. I have four older brothers and they would all get me to practise with them. I didn’t really want to — they made me do it.

“But as I got into it I got good at it, and by the time I was about 16 they stopped asking me to play because I was beating them. That’s when I realised that I could play.

“I joined my mum’s team at the local pub along with a few friends and got asked to play in the super league. I didn’t know what it was all about at the time, but I joined in and got to county level.”

The love of darts moved on to a third generation after Mrs Ashton’s two daughters started playing, and now they help her prepare for tournaments. She said: “My daughters also play at county level with me in the senior team.

“Danielle has been playing for about two years and Lindsey for about three. They definitely take after me in that respect.

“They both started practising with my team, and from there they decided to take it seriously and play properly.

“We all play in the Astley Bridge league once a week at the Lord Raglan pub.

“My mum still plays, as does my sister-in-law and my best friend. It’s a proper family team, we’re really close.

“They’ll all be there to support me next month, of course. I can’t wait.”

Watch Lisa Ashton in the BDO World Trophy in Blackpool, from February 5 to 9 on Eurosport.