A TEENAGER who is battling a rare cancer is being supported in her fight by young people at her old primary school.

Emma Moss, from Blackrod, was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma last April after developing a lump on her arm.

The Rivington and Blackrod High School pupil, aged 13, has been undergoing courses of gruelling chemotherapy which keeps her in the Manchester Royal Children’s Hospital for nearly a week at a time.

Emma, who was able to spend Christmas at home with her family after fears she would be hospital, went back to her old school to say ‘thank you’ after Blackrod Church Primary staged a fundraising concert for her.

The teenager, who has a brother Josh, aged 18, said: “I got a laptop for Christmas and was happy that I was able to be at home. I am feeling okay.”

Mum Tracey said: “She has been very strong and brave throughout the treatment, which can be tough. She was really happy to be home for Christmas.”

The primary school’s concert raised funds to help towards travel costs and other expenses.

Special guest was singer-songwriter Beth Tomlin, another former pupil who has just produced and released her first CD, Home.

Beth, aged 17, is an A-level student at Winstanley College. She was under the care of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital from being a baby until the age of seven after being born with a superficial haemangioma — a birthmark which grew and caused her ear canal to collapse.

Beth, from Blackrod, said: “It is important for me to support young people with health conditions and charities for young people because I also received treatment when I was younger.”

The school donated £336 to Emma, who went back to school with her family, to say ‘thank you’. She said: “I did enjoy the concert and it is nice that I am being supported.”

Mum Tracey added: “This will make such a difference. It means a lot to know we are being supported by the community, and other organisations.”

Headteacher James Royal said: “I am really proud of the fact we look out for each other and help each other when we can.”