QUIZ whizz Martin Hutchinson will be in the running to win more than just a pocket television when he appears on ITV’s The Chase tomorrow.

It will be the 12th quiz show Mr Hutchinson, aged 54, of Astley Bridge, has been on his since 1985.

Over the years, he has won a number of prizes including two pocket televisions and a portable TV — but will be hoping to scoop a share of thousands of pounds on the popular teatime game show.

Hosted by Bradley Walsh, contestants compete against an opponent who plays for the bank, known as The Chaser, either Anne Hegerty, Mark Labbett, Paul Sinha or Shaun Wallace.

Mr Hutchinson, a civil servant, said: “Out of all the quiz shows and game shows, this is the one that relies entirely on the contestant’s skill.

“With something like Deal or No Deal and Tipping Point, there’s an element of luck.

“The Chase is one where it’s totally quiz-based and the only element of luck involved is what questions you get.

“I do get a bit nervous but then I go into what I call quiz mode.

“Without trying to sound big-headed, I’ve got a bit of a reputation as a know-it-all.”

He also appeared on Bullseye and the original Channel 4 series Fifteen to One, hosted by William G Stewart, and has applied to feature on the upcoming revival.

The father-of-one, who regularly does the pub quiz at the Masons Arms, in Egerton, said: “I won a few prizes on Bullseye. The first quiz show I went on was We Love TV in 1985, when I was 25.

“It was presented by Gloria Hunniford and I won a pocket TV. I won another pocket TV on Connections.

“I suppose my favourite show was Fax. It was a teatime show, in 1987, presented by Bill Oddie, Debbie Rix and Billy Butler.

“I was on eight programmes and won the overall mastermind which I still hold because they’ve never done it since.”

The most recent quiz he appeared on was a revival of Mike Read’s Pop Quiz, on Red TV, aired in 2008 and he would also like to appear on Mastermind, with the specialist subject of Jeff Lynne from 1970s prog rock band Electric Light Orchestra.

The Chase is on ITV1 at 5pm on weekdays.