THIS is the runaway Akita dog which caused mayhem on the M61 near Farnworth.

The large white female dog caused a three-car smash when it was found on the lose between junctions three and four near Plodder Lane at 1pm on Monday.

The cars were involved in a “minor” crash while trying to avoid the dog.

It was rescued by a Highways officer, and handed over to RSPCA inspector Danielle Jennings, who is now trying to track down the owner.

Insp Jennings said: “There were reports that that the dog was a Staffie. When I arrived I saw this dog which looked like a wolf and knew it was an Akita.

“She was with the highways officers, and was very calm and very placid, though I think she was shocked by what had happened.

“But she was friendly, and seems to be an older dog, and let me put a lead on her and put her in the van.

“She was taken to our Salford clinic. She has been well looked after, but there is no microchip, which is very frustrating.

“I feel sorry for the owner who will be missing her.”

The lack of a collar and a microchip means the dog, which is thought to be about five years old, has been deemed to be a stray and is at Leigh Dogs and Cats Home.

Insp Jennings said: “I would appeal to all dog owners to have their pets microchipped. Had she been, then we would have reunited her with her owner within the hour.

“Reuniting pets with their owners is one of the most rewarding parts of this job, and not being able to do so is frustrating.”

She added: “We have reports of deer on the motorways, but I don’t know how this dog has come to be in this random location.

“I was told Akitas are wandering dogs, but I don’t know if that is true or not. I was told they are wandering dogs, but I don’t know if that is true or not. “

The owner is urged to contact 01942 671215 to be reunited with their pet.