EMOTIONS ran high during a planning meeting at Horwich Town Council.

Residents spoke out against the re-submission of an application for a building on green belt land at Cotswold Drive, Horwich.

The land has previously been described as "similar to a concentration camp" by neighbours.

The applicants, Kevin and Gillian Gaskell, of Pennine Road, Horwich, want to build a portal-framed building for housing livestock, storing agricultural equipment and stabling horses as well as a manege for excercising the horses.

Gillian Gaskell said: "This application is for personal use and is not a commercial venture, we just want to provide a healthy environment for our animals and that allows us to pursue our lifestyle.

"This process has caused us anxiety and distress, particularly with some of the hurtful comments residents have said, like the comparison to a concentration camp."

Several residents spoke out against the plans, John Lawton said: "The applicants priority is their lifestyle but this is about everyone in Horwich, it is bigger than one family, there are open aspects to the land that other people enjoy."

Cllr Richard Silvester criticised the applicants, stating: "What you have done is antagonise residents for no reason, you have already carried out unauthorised work in the green belt and I don't blame these residents for objecting to the plans."

The council voted to recommend that the plans are rejected when they go before Bolton Council's planning committee.