A GREAT-great grandmother has been billed for her gas meter — despite not having any gas in her home.

Beatrice Burke was amazed when she received the bill for £13.52 from British Gas for having the gas meter in her kitchen.

The furious 89-year-old, who lives in sheltered accommodation in Little Lever, has not had gas appliances in her home since she moved in in August, 2011.

But she is being billed simply for having the meter — a new charge introduced by British Gas in November last year.

Mrs Burke, a retired nurse, said: “I don’t use the meter, it’s obsolete, it doesn’t work. They always used to read the meter and say I didn’t have to pay anything for gas.

“When I found out I’d be charged for having the meter, I was very angry.

“I think it’s greed. Don’t these gas companies make enough profits? I can’t believe it, it’s incredible — I’ve never known anything like that.”

Until the meter is removed Mrs Burke will be charged 26p per day.

Mrs Burke’s daughter, Rosemarie Simmins, a 64-year-old retired commercial manager, said: “When I mentioned that my mum’s gas meter didn’t work, I was told it was okay, she wouldn’t have to pay a bill.

“My mum might be an old age pensioner, but she’s got her wits about her. She’s said she’s not paying for it and why should she?

“I’m just disgusted and I think this is immoral.” British Gas insists the 26p daily standard charge is to cover the costs of providing energy to a home and is applied on a daily basis.

A spokesman said: “We’ve done this so our customers can better understand and compare tariffs. We have spoken with Mrs Burke and explained how the standing charge works and will be removing the meter on Mrs Burke’s request.”