MEET Pebbles, the soon-to-be-evicted cat.

The sociable 10-year-old female has been the resident cat at Bolton’s Egerton House Hotel for the last eight years.

But her fate was sealed when the Macdonald group decided to close the hotel, in Blackburn Road, Egerton,with the loss of 25 jobs, on February 1.

Pebbles has been regular sight at the 200-year-old former mansion — a popular venue for weddings and business events — and would curl up and sleep on the sofas.

Now the former hotel owner, Jan Hampton, who introduced Pebbles to Egerton House when she lived there, is appealing for someone to come forward and give Pebbles a new home.

Ms Hampton left the hotel in July, 2012, but has continued supplying Pebbles’ food.

“I cannot have her myself because in the apartment where I now live. I have another cat which is disabled, very timid and terrified of other cats,” she said.

“Pebbles is a lovely cat and it’s heartbreaking to think she will have nowhere to live when the hotel closes.

“She would make a lovely pet for a cat-loving person.”

A spokesman for the Madonald group declined to comment.

Egerton House is a 200-year-old Victorian building with period features and has a barn-type building used for functions, including business events.

Anyone interested in homing Pebbles can contact Ms Hampton by email at