A FIGHT broke out at Farnworth and District Veterans Club during its last weekend of business.

Police were called to the Brackley Street club after a row escalated into a fight.

One man, aged 49, was arrested on suspicion of assault, but claimed self defence.

Two brothers, aged 47 and 49, suffered minor injuries, but were not taken to hospital.

It is understood that the fight broke out as a result of payments being owed to staff at the club.

After 100 years of existence, Farnworth and District Veterans Club closed on Saturday January 18, because of a downturn in revenue.

The fight broke out at about 12.40am on Sunday, January 12.

Bill Raynor, aged 61, who has been a member of the club for 45 years, was also at the club on Saturday night, and left a few minutes before the fight broke out.

He said: “This is not the send-off that many members would have hoped for.

“I’m very upset to see it end like this. My father was a member of the club before me, so this club is in my heart.”

Bill Collison, aged 67, who has been involved with the club since a young age, added: “A lot of people were unhappy at the club closing and emotions were clearly running high.”


Both men claimed the club was at full capacity while they were there.

Francis Wood, secretary of Farnworth and District Veterans Club, refused to comment.

A police spokesman said: “We received a call from the North West Ambulance Service regarding a disturbance at Farnworth and District Veterans Club.

“No-one has reported any offences.

“Two brothers were assaulted — they appear to have been approached from behind and they suffered injuries to their body and faces.

“A man was arrested on January 16 and he claimed self defence. No further action will be taken.”