THE Bolton Atlantic Challenge crew have a “whale” of an offer waiting for them at Olympus Fish and Chip Restaurant when they return from their epic journey to Antigua.

After reading about the team’s craving for a chippy tea in The Bolton News, the restaurant’s manager Tasos Pattichis, and Bolton Lads and Girls Club patron Ralph D’Attorre put their heads together to come up with the perfect homecoming treat.

Mark Brocklehurst, Matt Nuttall, Nick Griffiths and Finn Christo, have each has shed one-and-a-half stone since early December despite eating 5,000 calories a day of dehydrated food.

So Mr Pattichis is hoping to help them put their weight back on by serving them a slap-up meal at his Great Moor Street restaurant. He said: “I’m surprised that after all that time at sea, the first thing they want is fish, but I’ll definitely make sure that they get the best plate of fish and chips they’ve ever had.

“I’ve got the restaurant on standby for news of their arrival, at which point we’ll be serving them a whale of a fish.

“That’s a 16oz whopper with all the trimmings to be exact.

“What these gentlemen have achieved is astonishing.

“We’ve been complaining about the cold, wet weather from the comfort of our armchairs yet Mark and the boys are facing the elements with a smile because they know that it is for a good cause.”

Mr D’Attorre added: “It’s incredible what the guys have done to help raise money for the club.

“I certainly wouldn’t be able to do it.”