A DRUNK woman who was in charge of a toddler even though she could barely stand up straight was arrested after police spotted her stumbling along Trinity Street.

When police arrested 37-year-old Michelle Edwards, she told them: “You are just sick, you are.”

The child was said to be “extremely upset”.

Edwards admitted being drunk in charge of a child when she appeared at Bolton Magistrates Court yesterday.

Marion Nolan, prosecuting, said Edwards, of Cecilia Street, Great Lever, was found at 8.30pm on January 18.

Ms Nolan told the court Edwards was walking along Trinity Street pushing an adult’s bike, and the child seemed extremely upset and was crying.

“She was extremely drunk, slurring words, smelled of alcohol and couldn’t stand up straight.

"She was stumbling and nearly fell over. She was extremely unco-operative.”

Police looked inside her rucksack and found a half-empty three-litre bottle of Frosty Jack cider, although Edwards told police she had only had a quarter of the bottle.

Items for a toddler were found in Edwards’ bag, showing she was in charge of the youngster.

The court heard that police took Edwards and the child to her home and found empty cans of lager in a bin and an empty three-litre bottle of Frosty Jack cider.


The child was collected by someone known to Edwards.

Rahil Khan, defending, said Edwards had drunk two large glasses of Frosty Jack cider after arguing with her partner about £10 that had been misplaced.

Her partner walked away from her, leaving her with the boy and an the bike.

Mr Khan said: “The consequence of her actions are going to be very significant indeed.

"Not only will she suffer herself, people will be quite aware about what has taken place and what has been done.”

When she was arrested, Edwards was already subject to a conditional discharge for theft.

Valerie Whittle, chairman of the bench, adjourned sentencing until February 21 for pre-sentence reports.