A PUB has launched a Man vs Food-style menu — including a “steeplejack burger” in honour of the late Fred Dibnah.

The 900-calorie burger, served at the Farmers Arms in Radcliffe Road, Darcy Lever, is a combination of a 5oz burger, cheese, southern fried chicken, onion rings, bacon and a homemade burger sauce.

Jon Jones, chef and managing director, said: “Yes, they’re calorific, but you only live once. They’re not to be eaten everyday, but it’s the experience of eating something fun and new. They’re enjoyable to eat.”

Dishes such as the A-pork-alypse Cow have also caught the eye of people on social networking sites.

Mr Jones said: “People love them. As soon they get them you can see them on their phones taking pictures.”

The Welsh-born chef is also a firm believer in keeping alive Bolton’s heritage in the pub.

He said: “With the Steeplejack, I wanted to do something that tied into Bolton. Fred Dibnah used to drink in here and his heritage centre is just up the road, so it was the obvious choice. The idea was to make it as tall as possible without making it look ridiculous.”