A FATHER who allowed his dog to foul on a playing field used by children’s football teams has been fined.

Dan Urmston, aged 45, was seen failing to pick up the mess by a Bolton Council enforcement officer while walking his terriers in Scholes Bank Playing Field, Horwich, on September 25 last year at about noon.

Bolton Magistrates’ Court heard that Urmston, of Whitton Mews, Horwich, swore at the council employee and threatened to “run him over”.

Andrew Morris, prosecuting, said he failed to give his details and drove off.

The employee tracked him down after photographing his car registration.

Mr Morris said: “A local councillor complained as the secretary of a children’s football club had repeatedly cleared the field of dog waste. Some children playing football on the field did get smeared with faeces.

“I am not suggesting it was the defendant, it was a culmination of problems.”

The court heard Urmston watched both his dogs foul and then walked towards to the exit. The council worker called after him to stop.

Mr Morris said: “The defendant said he was going home to get a bag.

“Urmston became abusive and told him to move or he would run him over.”

After he was traced, he admitted the crimes but failed to pay the fixed penalty notice.

Urmston, addressing the magistrates, said: “My dog fouled in the bushes, it’s not right. I went back to my car to get more bags. I had already filled three bags.

“I always pick it up and I always take bags with me.” He admitted failing to remove dog faeces and failing to give his details to a council officer.

Mrs Ros Clark, chairman of the bench, said: “You owe the court £320. You could have bought an awful lot of poo bags for that.

“Take plenty with you. If you have two dogs you need to take at least four.”

Urmston was fined £100 for failing to remove the waste and was ordered to pay £200 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

No separate penalty was made for failing to give his details.

Cllr John Byrne, cabinet member for community and neighbourhood services said: “We take the issue of dog fouling very seriously.

“If an officer sees someone allowing their dog to foul and not collecting the waste, we will issue a fixed penalty notice of £75.

“We are pleased with the results of this case and hope it reminds other dog owners to be responsible and clear up after their animals.”