POLICE are warning people to remove all valuables from their cars following a spate of vehicle break-ins.

Nine cars were broken into in one night in Deane and Daubhill.

Items taken included money, sat navs and stereos. Damage was caused to windows and doors.

Thieves are said to be stealing car parts and number plates — not just valuables.

The increase has been over the past few weeks.

Sgt Andrea Ennis, from Bolton Central Neighbourhood Policing Team, believes simple steps can reduce the amount of thefts.

She said: “Leaving valuables and personal possessions on show makes a thief’s job much simpler — the best thing to do is to remove all valuables from your car every time you leave it unattended.

“But out of sight doesn’t always mean out of mind — remember to clear the residue a sat nav can leave on your window and try to leave your glove box open to show it is empty.”

She added: “There also appears to be an increase in the theft of vehicle parts such as car batteries, tyres and even number plates, so we are advising residents to ensure cars are alarmed where possible, and if you have a secure driveway or garage — use it.”

People can report crime to police on 101. Anyone with information can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or call Bolton Central Neighbourhood Policing Team on 0161 856 5619 or boltoncentral @gmp.police.uk