MOST families want a new car to help them get around but for one family it is a necessity.

Donna and Anthony Pugh, who live in Leigh, have been struggling to make the regular trips to take their nine-year-old daughter Ellie to Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool since she was diagnosed in 2012 with Crohn’s disease because the family car is on its last legs.

But their luck could be about to change as Mrs Pugh is one of seven finalists in a Wish FM competition, the Arnold Clark Real Sale Challenge, to win a car if she gets the most votes by this evening.

Mrs Pugh, aged 31, said: “It would certainly bring us peace of mind.

“We have had so many issues with our current car — it drastically failed its MOT and we were shocked with some of the issues it had.

“We go to Liverpool every two weeks. Knowing the car will make it down the motorway would be great.”

There is no cure for Ellie’s illness and she may require surgery. To vote, visit or text Donna to 81803.

In November, Ellie set her heart on raising £1,000 for Crohn’s and Colitus UK to help other poorly people but in a matter of months she has raised £1,473.05.

Ellie, who lives with her brother Connor, aged four, and sister Beth, aged 12, missed out on eating her Christmas dinner and her birthday cake because she was on a feeding tube and was only allowed a milky formula.

Mrs Pugh said: “We met with the consultant two weeks ago and he said she is now a candidate for surgery but we are really trying to hold off that for as long as possible.”

There is no cure for Ellie’s illness and she may require surgery to control it. To vote, visit or text Donna to 81803.