A DRUNKEN man abused hospital staff and growled at police.

Stuart Wynne, aged 25, was arrested at the Royal Bolton Hospital after staff raised the alarm with police about an abusive patient.

Nicola Ormerod, prosecuting, told Bolton Magistrates’ Court how Wynne had been taken to hospital in an ambulance in the early hours of Friday, January 24. He had been found on the ground in Bolton town centre.

Miss Ormerod said: “He was making reference to suicidal thoughts.

“He became abusive to crisis team staff. They were trying to breathalyse him to get him treatment.

“Security had to restrain him. He was struggling, thrashing around.

“When police arrived he was sitting quietly in a chair facing the wall.

"An officer said ‘Listen to me’. He started gritting his teeth and growling, clenching fists. He was in a state of intoxication.”

Wynne, of Firwood Grove, Tonge Moor, has 20 convictions for 25 offences, but had not been before the court since June, 2010, when he had a bladed weapon in public.

Darin Millar, defending, said Wynne has “little or no recollection” of getting from the town centre to A&E.

He said: “When I have been through the facts with him together with his mother and stepdad, who are here to support him. He is thoroughly ashamed.”

The court heard yesterday that Wynne had not been taking his medication for mental health problems before the incident and had been drinking heavily. He was said by Mr Millar to have been feeling “particularly low” at the time.

Wynne admitted being drunk and disorderly.

Magistrates sentenced him to a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay a £15 victim surcharge.