BOOKWORMS flocked to Bolton central library to take part in a treasure hunt with a literary theme to celebrate National Libraries Day.

Youngsters armed with clipboards searched high and low in the library, Bolton Museum, the ancient Egypt section and the aquarium for questions.

Every child who answered all 10 book-themed challenges was rewarded with a prize, and Anne Burns, library collections access manager, said the event had been extremely popular.

She added: “We wanted to celebrate National Libraries Day, and what better way to do that than by getting children to engage with books while having fun searching the library and museum.

“We have seen so many children and their families taking part together and it has been a fantastic way of encouraging young people to read and learn more about literature.”

Eight-year-old George Jones, from Smithills, said: “I love reading and I come to the library often.

“I am enjoying hunting for the questions and have found half so far.”

Mum Janet added: “It is so useful having the central library close by — there are always lots of activities and things to do.”

Big brother Usman Khan, aged 11, helped seven-year-old brother Dawud and sister Zenab, aged five, search for questions.

Usman, from Farnworth, said: “We all had lots of fun taking part.

“We come to the library a lot because we all like reading books.”