WHEN eight-year-old Rhys Williams told his mum he wanted to write a bucket list — things he wanted to achieve — she could not help but feel moved by her son’s determination to make the most of his life.

But when Rhys said one of his wishes was to see his mum and dad get married, his list took on a whole new meaning.

And after a little encouragement from the rest of the family, Rhys’ parents Tanya Moores and Mark Williams decided they would tie the knot.

Rhys, of Whalley Avenue, Johnson Fold, suffers from epidermolysis bullosa (EB), an agonising condition, which causes painful skin blistering and leads to open sores.

The Johnson Fold Primary School pupil cannot play outdoors and even being cuddled can be excruciating.

But that has not stopped the brave youngster from helping out with wedding plans.

At first they agreed to have a modest ceremony in secret with close family only, but word soon spread and the couple were inundated with kind offers to help make it their dream wedding.

Ms Moores, aged 30 from Johnson Fold, said: “When Rhys put his list together there were lots of lovely things on there — like treating his sister Michaela to a day as a princess or a day with the firefighters.

“And then he said to us — ‘I want you and dad to get married.’ And so that was that, decision made. But it was supposed to be top secret at first. The plan was to just go and get married in my jeans and a nice top but Rhys got so excited he told his friends at school.

“And then my friend found out and it has spiralled from there really.

“We’ve just been inundated with favours from people who have offered to DJ on the night for free to having my make-up done.

“It’s been amazing and I can’t thank people enough.

“So many people have offered to help. They have all been absolute God-sends.”

Ms Moores said: “Rhys has picked out everything really, including the colour scheme, which is royal blue.

“I think he wants a day where the attention is on us rather than on him for change.

“Plus I think he wants us all to have the same name.”

The couple will marry on Friday, February 28 at Mere Hall.

To support Rhys and see his full bucket list, go to: gofundme.com/61uaqs.