A NEW cycleway could pave the way for repairs on a potholed road.

Potholes in Lower Darcy Street, Darcy Lever, are dangerous and causing total chaos according to residents. However, the road is unadopted, meaning Bolton Council is not obliged to carry out repairs.

The council has vowed to fix the road, but only if plans for a new cycleway are approved.

The road is a direct access point for five other streets — Back Higher Darcy Street, Clayton Avenue, Clayton Street, Higher Darcy Street and Leaf Street.

John Connor, aged 69, of Higher Darcy Street, said: “If people drive along Lower Darcy Street, it’s total chaos — coming back at night is horrendous.

“This neighbourhood is a forgotten zone. Why can’t we have Lower Darcy Street adopted? There doesn’t seem to be much regard for community safety.”

Neil Bourn, aged 45, of Clayton Avenue, claimed the potholes caused between £600 and £700 worth of damage to the suspension of his car.

He said: “This road has been an issue for years. When you drive down this street, you’ve got to almost grind to a halt to get past these potholes.

“We want the council to come and fix the road, but if they then build a big cycleway over it, it will just make things worse, particularly for the people who live there.”

Alan Gaskell, aged 66, of Clayton Street, said: “It’s very dangerous. Some of these potholes are lethal.” http://

The Bolton East Cycle Way will run from Gorses Road, along the New House Farm playing fields in Breightmet down to the old railway line, along the Bury boundary and inside green belt land.

The path, which was approved this month, will be shared by pedestrians and cyclists, with the council also looking to create link sections in Harpford Drive, Harpford Close and Willand Drive.

A second application is due in the summer, which, if approved would take the route over the Darcy Lever viaduct and back to Gorses Road.

A council spokesman said: “As we are looking to put in a cycleway over a section of Lower Darcy Street, we will be looking to repair the whole length of the road.

“The cycleway is subject to planning approval and the planning application is due to be submitted in the summer.

“If it is approved, work would be likely to take place later in the year on repairing the road.”