A TOWN centre estate in the middle of a row over repair works and poor housing conditions has been visited by Bury South MP Ivan Lewis.

He spoke to tenants following complaints of damp, mouldy conditions, rotting bricks and leaking roofs on the St Thomas’ Estate as revealed in the Radcliffe Times last week.

Conditions in many of the 90 houses in the Six Town Housing-managed estate were deemed so bad by tenants that they have called for the properties to be condemned.

Mr Lewis said: “Following complaints I’ve received from residents I wanted to see what conditions were like on the St Thomas estate for myself.

“Many residents were very positive while others raised concerns relating to the need for urgent roof repairs and internal refurbishment works.

“I intend to raise these issues with Six Town Housing and will work with them and local councillors to resolve these issues as soon as possible.”

A spokeswoman for Six Town Housing said most of the problems highlighted had now been corrected, with repair works carried out for several “satisfied”


However, she said other cases had been more problematic because residents had not officially reported the complaints or were not at the property when Six Town Housing visited.

The spokeswoman said: “Six Town Housing understands, and continues to take seriously, the ongoing concerns of residents on St Thomas’ Estate, Radcliffe.

“The property condition report mentioned in the story was commissioned as a result of residents previously raising concerns.

“To implement the full recommendations of the report is a major piece of work, requiring significant investment, and needs both planning and building control consent. The improvement programme will include reroofing and cladding of the spoiling brickwork.

“We will continue to carry out day-to-day repairs until the programme starts and would ask tenants that if they are experiencing any problems, to please contact us straight away.

“Significant investment is planned for St Thomas’ Estate in the 2015/16 financial year and Six Town Housing would like to reassure all tenants of our commitment to their safety and the safety of their homes.”

But Magda Csatlos, ex-chairman of the now disbanded St Thomas’ Estate Tenants and Residents Association, said 2015 or 2016 could be too long to wait.

She said: “This is not right.

These houses cannot wait two years or a year — they are a danger. The houses will be past repair if Six Town Housing does not fix them this year.”

To register a complaint with Six Town Housing: call 161 686 8000, 0808 144 5368 or 0161 686 8368, go to sixtownhousing.org/contact-us or download the Six Town Housing app.