THE success of a super slimmer from Radcliffe is there for all to see – as she is being featured in a national magazine.

Debbie Cottrell, aged 41, lost 5st 9lbs and 8ozs, with the help of a Radcliffe Swimming World group, after putting on weight while pregnant with her third child.

She is now sharing her inspirational story in the latest issue of the Slimming World magazine.

Debbie, of Heber Street, said: “I am so pleased. I can’t believe that my story is featuring in the magazine, which is going to be on the shelves all over the country.”

The magazine features stories of five parents who have lost more than 29 stone between them, inspired by their young children.

She uploaded her success story to the Slimming World website, who were so impressed that they approached Debbie.

Debbie, her partner Colin Duggan, and her two-yearold son Freddie, were whisked away to London for a photo shoot in November, and took advantage of a makeover and a night’s stay in a hotel.

She fell pregnant with Freddie at the age of 39, and gained so much weight that she struggled to walk due to eating cake, crisps and chocolate.

Three months after Freddie was born, Debbie, who also has an 18-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son, decided to join the Slimming World group at Radcliffe Riverside High School in October 2011, where her mum was already a member.

Debbie said: “I wasn’t expecting to have another child, and I put quite a lot of weight on and was quite depressed.”

Over a 20-month period she slimmed from 16st to 10st 10lbs, and was voted as the group’s Woman of the Year.

Despite her achievements, Debbie is still not resting on her laurels, and wants to lose more weight to achieve a personal target.

She added: “I am under my target of 10-and-a-half stone.

“I don’t need to lose anymore but I want to get to 10 stone so I can say I have lost six stone.”