YOUNG boys are engaging their brain to master the Chinese language of Mandarin.

Bolton School’s junior boys are enjoying a lesson a week to learn the language which has been flagged up by the Prime Minister as an important skill to have.

And already boys have performed a song entirely in Chinese in assembly.

The school is one of a growing number of schools in Bolton teaching their children Mandarin.

Prime Minister David Cameron urged all schools to consider Mandarin as a language option for their pupils, either in addition to or instead of the European languages which have been the traditional selection.

And there are plans to put the new subject permanently on the timetable in the junior school.

Teacher Colin Hough said: “Mandarin Chinese, unlike English, is a tonal language and as such, research has indicated that the brain processes these tones or pitches in the right hemisphere of the brain before the left hemisphere processes the meaning.

“English only uses the left hemisphere. Due to this we are awakening a part of the brain not readily used at school.

“This may have benefits for all students but it’s particularly interesting for dyslexic students as they tap into and exercise part of the brain that English speakers do not usually use.”

The lessons are being run by The Confucius Institute in Manchester and Mr Hough is set to take over the lessons next year.