A GRADUATE has been ordered to repay money to a woman he duped out of £3,800 — after he rented a non-existent flat for the London 2012 Olympics.

Akinymika Oyedapo, aged 30, was convicted by a jury of money laundering after victim Shirley Clark and her daughter Gillian Carlson, who had travelled from Sweden, discovered the flat they had rented through internet site Sublet.com did not exist.

Judge Timothy Stead has now ordered him to repay the victim or risk jail.

Ms Clark had transferred the rental cost and a deposit into a Santander bank account in the defendant’s name in February, 2012 but only learned she had been duped when she went to the address where the flat was supposed to be.

Oyedapo, of Selkirk Road, Astley Bridge, claimed during the trial that the funds were put into his account around the time of the crime because he had sold a large, signed Al Pacino picture over eBay.

While giving evidence Oyedapo said the buyer of the picture, allegedly called Paul Dawson, asked for the money back shortly after.

He claimed the money was collected by two men in a blue BMW after they met the defendant at the University of Bolton, where he was a student.

Details of his eBay account revealed he had not sold an Al Pacino picture.

Sara Haque, prosecuting, read a statement from Ms Clark to the court.

Ms Clark said: “This incident has left me feeling very shocked and upset that somebody can be so deceptive to my family. I just want this person to be caught to stop them doing this to anybody else.”

The defendant’s brother who works for the military and as a prison officer in America will help him to repay the money lost, Bolton Crown Court heard.

Judge Timothy Stead was due to sentence the defendant but deferred the case until May 12.

He said: “There are conditions to the deferment that I expect to be met. Of course you should not commit a further criminal offence by the date of your sentencing.

“By that date you will have paid £3,800 to the victim and the Crown Prosecution Service £2,800 in respect of their costs.

“If each one of those is met I will not immediately deprive you of your liberty. There may of course be a suspended sentence or any other style of sentence but that is what I am telling you will happen if you comply with the deferment.”