FOR most parents, the idea of their little angels learning the drums would be their worst nightmare.

But at Bolton’s own “school of rock”, youngsters are able to “plug in and play” — meaning only the children can hear their own music.

The sessions, run by Bolton Music Service, are open to children of all levels, even those completely new to music, to try their hand at electrical keyboards, bass guitar and drums to encourage them to develop an interest in music.

Ben Chadwick, assistant head at the service, said: “It allows children from year three upwards to get a feel for the different instruments.

“It is another way to getting the children interested in music and come back regularly.

“We have 42 ensembles but not many opportunities for children to play keyboards or drums and this is an opportunity for children to play those instruments together with others.”

He added: “Young bands are also able to come here plug in and rehearse and get the help of two professional music teachers.”

Children are placed into groups of six and equipped with headphones with which they can tune in to — or out of — the sounds of other musicians they are playing with.

Mr Chadwick said: “Children are put into a group of six, when they first start they normally turn the volume of other instruments down so they can only hear their own, but then begin to turn the sounds of the other instruments up.”

Singers are also welcome at the sessions at Castle Hill Centre and Turton School.

To take part contact Bolton Music Service on 01204 333533.