CAMPAIGNERS trying to stop changes to a popular Westhoughton care home are set to submit a petition to the council tonight.

Before the full council meeting at Bolton Town Hall, a petition opposing the impending loss of intermediate and respite care from Winifred Kettle will be handed to Mayor Cllr Colin Shaw.

Westhoughton town councillor Cllr Lynda Winrow-Baker, along with local campaigner Gwendoline Parr, will present the written petition, which has more than 1,000 signatures.

An extra online petition opposed to Bolton Council’s revamp of care provision had also attracted 1,347 signatures.

Cllr Winrow-Baker said: “We have tried our hardest, standing outside in the cold asking people to sign.

“Nearly everyone we have spoken to has said that Winifred Kettle is needed in the town.”

Cllr Winrow-Baker and Mrs Parr canvassed outside businesses on busy shopping days.

Cllr Winrow-Baker said it was time the town “fought back” against Bolton’s attempts to strip Westhoughton of its best assets.

She added: “We recognise that it is not exclusively used by Westhoughton people but we are losing another amenity.

"It seems that Bolton is hell-bent on taking everything away from Westhoughton — soon there will be nothing left.

“Everyone I have spoken to who has had experience of Winny Kettle has ended up loving it.

“The council says it is not being done for cuts — so why take it away from us?”

Bolton Council is closing Firwood House in Crompton Way and removing intermediate and respite care at Winifred Kettle in a bid to use resources more efficiently.

Bosses insist the changes do not amount to cost-cutting measures, with the overall aim to have more people treated by home carers.

A public consultation ended on February 3 with the council’s Health and Wellbeing Board set to discuss the findings at their April 23 meeting.

Cllr Winrow-Baker added: “Bolton Council is taking the life out of Westhoughton — it’s about time we stood up and fought back.”