TWO advanced drivers have spoken out about careless driving in Bolton in the wake of three men who killed people after “momentary lapses” behind the wheel.

The drivers included Reece Hussain, aged 22, of Ainsdale Road, Bolton; Andrew Patton, aged 32, of Greenhaven Close, Walkden and Mohammad Asghar, aged 24, of Sledmere Close, Bolton.

All were sentenced for causing death by careless driving at Bolton Crown Court within days of each other earlier this month.

Hugh German, a member of Bolton and District Advanced Motorists, and Brian Lee, a retired traffic officer, have hit out in reponse to the worrying trend.

Mr German said: “I am sure we will find a lot more cases as there’s so much careless driving going on as people are thinking about other things.

“People are on their mobile phones. Even if it’s hands free, it’s distracting.

“If I had my way I would ban the radio in cars apart from traffic updates. If you are listening to people talking your mind is not on the driving.

“When you are driving you need to be ready to cope with everything.”

He said Bolton and District Advanced Motorists, a registered charity, runs advanced driving courses to promote safer driving.

Mr Lee, from Bolton, who worked for GMP’s Bolton traffic and motorway units for more than 20 years, believes fewer crashes would take place if more traffic officers were policing the borough’s roads.

He added: “The standard of driving is pretty low.

“There aren’t many police patrols about and I don’t think they are going to rectify it. When people see a police officer on the road they look at their speed.

“In each of the death by careless driving cases this month there has been a lack of concentration.”