AN ARSONIST caused £20,000 of damage to the home he shared with his brother after a row over rent.

James Stanton, aged 19, was jailed for setting fire to the Bolton at Home flat, which he shared with his brother Daniel in Roseneath Road, Great Lever.

Bolton Crown Court heard that Stanton and Daniel, were at a party and argued over rent.

Stanton was unemployed but his brother had recently got a job at a factory, which caused friction between the pair.

The teenager did not believe he should contribute rent as his brother was the only one with a job.

Stanton left the party and started a blaze in the living room of the flat in the early hours of July 21 last year.

He taunted his brother then the pair fought in the street.

Stanton said “oh, what’s happened to your flat” and “I’ve set fire to the place so you cannot throw me out”.

A large amount of smoke damage was caused and much of Daniel Stanton’s property was destroyed.

The damage was estimated to be up to £20,000.

The court heard Stanton called 999 to report the blaze after starting the fire.

Judge Timothy Stead, sentencing, said: “You were reckless about whether lives would be endangered.

It was the middle of the night and it would be expected that persons were in their flats. You were very likely blinded by your sense of anger.”

He added: “You showed satisfaction about what you had done.

“Later you had returned, expressing yourself to be sorry. I get the impression saying sorry is something you find difficult.”

He said despite the bravado to spite his brother he thought better of what he did by calling the emergency services.

Stanton admitted arson and was sentenced to three years in a young offenders institution.

He was ordered to pay a £120 victim surcharge.