THE Bolton News will tomorrow be handing our Let’s Get Back On Track petition in to Number 10 Downing Street.

The handover comes ahead of a crunch meeting between Bolton’s three MPs and the Department for Transport.

For the past three months we have been calling for an improvement to Bolton’s ‘cattle truck’ railway service, after First Transpennine Express announced it was running fewer services through the town despite the conditions faced by commuters every day.

Hundreds of you have been sending us your horror stories about cramped, stressful and even dangerous trips on trains in Bolton.

Samantha Iqbal, aged 38, of Captains Clough Road, Halliwell, said cramming people into trains is “dangerous and inhumane”.

She said: “People who use trains help the environment as that's one less car on the road.

“We should be supporting alternative modes of transport instead of making it an unpleasant, horrendous experience.

“Until better standards are introduced I would rather drive my car then be crammed like a sardine into a tin can.”

Julie Maitland, aged 48, of Fellbridge Close, Westhoughton, commutes regularly from Bolton to Manchester.

She said: “I have actually stood in the space that links carriages with four other people dirty, draughty and wet, as this was the only space available.

“Surely there is a health and safety issue with these overcrowded conditions.”

Hafsa Valley, aged 25, of Hobart Street, Halliwell, said she has been unable to board the train from Bolton station to Manchester on numerous occasions, meaning she is late for work.

She said: “We are charged almost £6 for this journey, which many times we are left stranded on the station. Getting a seat is out of the question. Something needs to be done.”

Andrew Thompson, aged 39, of Anderby Walk, Westhoughton, said he now battles the M61 to get to work instead of taking the train.

He said: “I thoroughly back this campaign to improve the train service as it should be by far the most efficient, and environmentally friendly way to mass transit.”

And Jo Kelly, aged 49, has moved to Manchester to escape commuting on Bolton’s trains.