A DEFENCELESS pensioner was murdered by a burglar who broke into his home and repeatedly punched him in the face, a court heard.

Manchester Crown Court was told that 87-year-old Frank Worlsey woke up to find Daniel Crompton standing over him, topless, in his bedroom.

When Mr Worlsey refused to reveal where his cash was hidden, Crompton battered the pensioner, leaving him with injuries that resulted in his death, it is alleged.

The jury in Crompton's trial, which started today, was played Mr Worsley's desperate call to police after he was attacked.

He died at the Royal Bolton Hospital, just over two weeks later, on August 20, after suffering bleeding in his brain, which the prosecution claim happened as a result of the attack.

Prosecutor Rob Hall said Crompton, now aged 24, climbed a drainpipe to get into the widower's home in Longfield Road, Daubhill, in the early hours of Saturday, August 3, last year.

While inside he confronted Mr Worsley, who lived alone, in his back bedroom and demanded money.

Mr Hall said: "Frank Worsley woke to find the defendant standing by him. The defendant began shouting 'where is your money?' He said he didn't have any money.


"He kept the cash in a dictionary book safe. Crompton reiterated threats saying he wanted to know where the cash was but there was no compliance from Mr Worsley.

"Crompton then removed his vest and wrapped it around his right hand. Crompton then took this incident to a whole new level.

"This wasn't just a burglary. What he chose to do was beat the defenceless Mr Worsley in the face."

Despite his beating, Mr Worsley refused to reveal where his cash was stored.

Manchester Crown Court heard Mr Worsley superficially suffered a cut lip and bruises on his face, but it is alleged the attack also left him with bleeding on the right side of his brain, which eventually killed him.

Mr Worsley, in a call to police at 12.40am, after the break-in, said: "Hello, help me please. I have been attacked by somebody who has broken in."

He added: "He has banged me and attacked me. He has taken my wallet.

"He was stripped. He was wearing his underpants."

He told the call handler he thought he was bleeding and was in shock.

Crompton, of no fixed address, left the home with a bank book and a wallet.

He was linked to the crime after his palm print was found by crime scene investigators on a downstairs window, through which he climbed to leave the house.

It is alleged that after the robbery Crompton returned to a home in St Helens Road, Daubhill, where his friends were.

Mr Hall said he appeared "shook up", sweating, with grazes on his arm and he had a crumpled vest top.

The stolen items were later found in the drainpipe of a neighbouring home in St Helens Road.

The jury of seven women and five men heard Crompton had burgled the home of Karen Denton in St Helens Road hours before the incident at Mr Worsley's home.

He stole a 50in LG TV and a 23in touch-screen Dell computer from people he knew after previously "eyeing up" the items in their home.

The court heard how Crompton was helped by his girlfriend, Beverley Hardman, with whom he has a young son named Mason, known as Moo.

It is claimed Ms Hardman took Crompton to a friend's home in Grove Street, Halliwell, after the break-ins to avoid arrest.

She sent a text message to Crompton saying "where are the passports?". The prosecution claim the couple were considering leaving the country with their son.

Hardman was arrested on suspicion of helping Crompton after a police officer saw Crompton's name appear on her phone as an incoming call.

Police visited Hardman's house in Caverleigh Close, Daubhill, a day after the alleged attack during their search for Crompton.

Crompton, who was arrested in Grove Street on August 5, has pleaded guilty to burgling Mr Worsley's home and Ms Denton's home but denies murder and manslaughter.

The case continues.