NIGHTMARE neighbours who have plagued the lives of people living close to them have been evicted from their home in Farnworth.

Damian Gaskell, aged 37, and Leanne Davies, aged 29, were thrown out of their Bolton at Home property in Campbell Court, Farnworth, after a catalogue of complaints.

Bolton at Home and police arrived at the home at about 11am yesterday and ordered the pair to pack their bags.

Neighbours said the couple regularly argued in the middle of the night and were noisy.

One nearby resident joked she would like to get bunting to put outside their homes to celebrate.

PC Ian Roby, for Bolton South Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “The police and Bolton at Home had been receiving ongoing complaints in the Campbell Court area linked to a number of problematic properties within the estate.

“Intelligence was gathered and information was shared which led to police action being taken against a number of people and a number of properties.

“Bolton at Home followed this up with their own enforcement action by way of evictions and community injunctions.

“We have worked very hard to target these problematic individuals and have utilised the fill extent of GMP force resources culminating in substantive prison sentences for a number of key individuals.”

Neighbours welcomed the eviction.


Resident Carla Holmes, aged 25, said: “I want to put bunting out to celebrate them going.

“Some people have moved out of the area because they couldn’t put up with it any more.

“Everyone has had enough of them.

“It would be about 2.30am that the arguments would start or they would have too much to drink.

“Police are trying to make it a better place by getting rid of everybody that is being anti-social. Sometimes it woke up my daughter, who is six.”

Mohammad Khalil Butt, of Campbell Court, added he had witnessed drug dealing and noise during the night near his home.

He said his young disabled daughter has been woken by the noise and he had confronted people in the night asking them to be quiet.

PC Roby said feedback from neighbours had been positive and that police were in the process of setting up a residents’ association.

Work will be carried out with Bolton at Home and Bolton Council’s community safety team to continue improving the area based on input from residents.

Ten people were jailed and three people received suspended jail terms at Bolton Crown Court this week for their involvement in drug supply in Farnworth.

Yesterday’s eviction is the fifth on the estate in the past year.

Last month Dean Goodwin, aged 24, was banned from entering Campbell Court and Cawdor Court in Farnworth after selling drugs from a home where he was not a registered tenant.

The house he lived at is now boarded up. He was jailed for three years on Wednesday for dealing heroin and crack cocaine.