A WAR veteran hit his head against his bedroom wall in a “tug of war” between him and the man accused of murdering him, a court heard.

Daniel Crompton, aged 24, who is on trial accused of the murder of Frank Worsley, said the pensioner fell backwards when he was confronted him in his bedroom in Longfield Road, Daubhill, in the early hours of Saturday, August 3, last year.

Manchester Crown Court heard Crompton is alleged to have repeatedly punched Mr Worsley in the pensioner’s bedroom after wrapping his T-shirt around his fist.

Mr Worsley died from a subdural haemorrhage from the head injury three weeks later, on August 20.

Crompton, of no fixed address, said: “I stuck out my left arm. He grabbed it with his right hand. There was a tug of war.

"I was panicking. He said ‘what are you doing here?’ I was just as shocked as he was. I managed to shake him off.

“I am fairly ashamed to say I asked him where his money was. He said he didn’t have any.

“He had hold of my wrist. I had to step back to get a bit of power to get him to release his hand.”

Crompton said he had intended to break into the home next door, which his girlfriend’s mother had recently moved out of. He had planned to steal a boiler.

Crompton confessed to carrying out the burglary at Mr Worsley’s home and another home in St Helens Road, Daubhill, hours earlier because he needed money to fund a cocaine habit.

He told the jury he was “scared” and did not intend to steal from Mr Worsley but was acting on “impulse” when he demanded cash.

Crompton was told of Mr Worsley’s death the day after he died by a senior officer at HMP Forest Bank.

The father-of-one said: “A senior officer came into my cell and asked if I had been watching the news.

“He said he was just making me aware that Mr Worsley had died. I felt sick and felt horrible.”

Crompton said he was going to hand himself into police but first wanted to spend time with his young son, who was aged two at the time.

The jury was told how Crompton has two previous convictions for burglary, one from when he was aged 14 and one from 2009.

The trial continues.