POLICE say they are a step closer to finding the parents of the newborn baby whose body was found wrapped in a shirt and plastic bags by dog walkers in Lostock a year ago today.

Despite extensive police appeals the parents of the baby girl — named Alia, meaning beautiful, by officers — have not been found.

Possible DNA profiles have now been found, which could be vital in finding the parents of the baby girl, who is thought to have lived for two hours.

Her tiny body was discovered in Ox Hey Lane, Lostock, on Thursday, March 14, last year. A note was enclosed in the bag requesting an Islamic burial.

Police say a DNA profile of her mother has been found, along with a partial DNA profile for her father.

Police are focusing on the samples taken in Lancashire and Greater Manchester and the identified men are being traced.

Detectives have also searched for DNA profiles linked to the mother’s profile which could identify relatives of the mother.

Potential matches have been found and police will now visit the families.

Alia’s ethnicity and her cause of death have not been established.

Det Sgt Aaron Duggan said: “Despite numerous inquiries by detectives and appeals through the media, the identity of Alia’s parents remains unknown at this time.

“Although it is probably very difficult to talk about what happened, I remain hopeful that now, 12 months after the infant was found, her mother or father may feel the time is right to let me know what happened to their baby.

“I remain confident that we will find a relative of the baby's mother, it would be my preference, however, that the baby’s mother takes the decision to contact me and tell me what happened to her, and to her baby.”

Anyone with information about the parents of Alia can call police on 0161 8565448, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.