THE family of murder victim Frank Worsley have paid tribute to him after his life was taken at the hands of a burglar.

In a statement, Mr Worsley’s family said: “The last eight months have been extremely difficult for all our family and friends.

"We have lost Frank, who was an integral member of the family and was still living an independent life until the actions of Daniel Crompton on that night resulted in his tragic death.

"Frank had been a carer for his wife, Mary, who suffered from MS for a long time and since she passed away 11 months earlier, he was adjusting to life on his own with the support of his family.

"We could be more accepting of his death if it had been of old age, peaceful and dignified. Instead it wasn't peaceful, he wasn't comfortable, he was scared, agitated and distressed as a result of this callous attack. He was in pain and there was nothing that could be done. It wasn't easy to watch him lose his fight for life over the following two and a half weeks.

"Frank was a good, decent man who was loved by all who knew him. He was well known in the community and always looked to help others, young and old alike when he could.”

They added: “We are very pleased with the verdict, although we will never fully recover from this traumatic loss. There are no winners in this case. Everyone involved has had their lives affected to a greater or lesser degree since that fateful day, but it was Frank who paid the ultimate price with his life.

"We wish to thank Greater Manchester Police for their hard work and personal support over the last eight months and especially during proceedings. Also, the prosecution team, who have worked so hard to give Frank the justice he deserves and the staff in the Witness Service for their support."