PLANS to transform Bolton town centre and make it more "family friendly" at night may reduce drink-related admissions at the Royal Bolton Hospital, a leading consultant has said.

Dr Kieran Moriarty, a gastroenterologist specialising in alcohol-related illnesses, has spoken in support of the recently launched partnership to improve the town centre and create a more family friendly environment.

He said: “It is likely to result in a reduction in the amount of alcohol-related violence and particular facial injuries.

“These are what we would hope for. On Friday and Saturday evenings, up to 70 to 80 per cent of A&E attendances are related to alcohol.

“Hopefully the measures introduced will reduce that. One particular concern is that there is a huge proportion of facial injuries where the assailant and the victim have been drinking.”

He said he hoped the new partnership would also clamp down on the amount of admissions due to people being drunk.

Dr Moriarty said the work of the partnership should be applauded.

His comments come after licensees, door staff, taxi firms, CCTV operators, Bolton Street Angels, police and Bolton Council joined forces to attract more families and older people to the town centre in the evenings.

The partnership is looking to shake off the town’s reputation as being a place just for revellers.

The changes, which were announced last month, include minimum alcohol prices, a dress code to enter bars, taxi marshals and temporary road closures.

The group says there is still a place for revellers but it wants the town centre to appeal to all ages.

The partnership hopes to be in the running for Purple Flag status, which recognises excellence in the management of town and city centres at night, in the future.

Events will be organised to tie in with Bolton Ironman in July and the Bolton Food and Drink Festival in August.