YOUNG mathematicians got their teeth into a tasty “pi” to celebrate National Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics week.

Bolton bakery Carrs also delivered some hot treats to pupils at Sharples School as part of International Pi Day.

The number pi — approximately 3.14 — is used in mathematical equations to calculate values such as the area of a circle and people celebrate the number on the 14th day of the third month.

A special maths mini-festival was held at the school for year seven and eight pupils, mentored by year 10 pupils, who worked in teams to solve mathematical puzzles and challenges with prizes as an incentive for task winners.

Head of maths Harriet Denning said: “The pies were part of a really enjoyable event which aimed to demonstrate the important role maths plays in our lives, but also to try to show pupils that maths can be a fun and exciting subject too.”