EATING chocolate, wearing pyjamas all day and watching Jeremy Kyle — these are some of the top guilty pleasures enjoyed by Bolton mums, according to a new survey.

A poll of mothers in the borough aged between 25 and 40, conducted to coincide with Mother’s Day, took a look into the things that mums love to do that they keep secret from their nearest and dearest.

Other pleasures high on the list included taking a day off and doing nothing, enjoying a cheeky glass of wine and ordering a weekly take-away.

The research, which has been conducted by online fashion retailer,, to celebrate Mother’s Day, also found that a fifth of all those surveyed in Bolton confessed to enjoying not getting dressed until after midday and going two days without washing their hair as well as spending hours on Facebook and watching programmes like Jeremy Kyle and The Only Way is Essex.

The most popular guilty pleasure, shared by 46 per cent of the mums polled was wearing pyjamas all day, edging ahead of eating chocolate, which raked in 40 per cent of the vote, while having a lie in came in third place.

Bolton mums are not alone in their love of spending the day in their nightwear — the extended survey found that mothers in East Anglia, the West Midlands, Scotland and Wales also rated wearing pyjamas all day as their number one guilty pleasure.

At the other end of the scale, things like flirting, eating food that was bought for the children and taking the lift instead of the stairs are not seen as guilty pleasures.

Liz McNamara, marketing director at said: “Guilty pleasures can lift people’s mood and make us smile, especially after a hard day’s work or a day spent looking after the kids. It’s great to see that as a nation, mums still enjoy the simple pleasures in life.”

We hit the streets to see if mother’s in Bolton agreed with the results of the survey.....

Mum of one, Anne Reid, aged 59, from Ladybridge said: “Well for starters I hate Jeremy Kyle, so I wouldn’t agree with that and I also enjoy washing my hair every day, I wouldn’t consider it a pleasure to leave it for two days.

“I do like spending a day in my pyjamas however, I think another guilty pleasure would be a nice glass of fizz.”

Nina Howard, aged 44, from Darcy Lever, said: “I will be letting my son take me into town to treat me ahead of Mother’s Day.

“I will admit to watching a bit of Jeremy Kyle, mainly because it makes me feel better about my own family.

“I think lying in bed is enjoyable but my favourite guilty pleasure would just be going to the pub with the family.”

Nicola Daniels, aged 27, said: “I do like spending the day in pyjamas, its nice when you can stay in bed until dinner time and I am keen on a bit of Jeremy Kyle too.

“It’s my eight year old son’s birthday before Mother’s Day so I will be treating him before I get any treats myself.”