A TAXI driver has said he no longer feels safe after his vehicle was showered with stones by yobs in Bolton town centre.

Farhan Patel, aged 38, from Deane, who drives for Metro Taxis, was driving in Blackhorse Street just after 9am on Friday when a group of five teenagers pelted his cab with stones and damaged his taxi.

He pulled over and tried to video the youths with his phone but they ran away.

The incident comes just days after 25-year-old Stephen Westhead was jailed for five years at Bolton Crown Court for throwing a lit firework on to the lap of Metro driver Akilbhai Fatakiya while he was behind the wheel.

Mr Patel said it is particularly worrying that such incidents are happening in the daytime. He added: “This happened in the morning in the town centre with loads of people around, it makes me wonder if we are ever safe.

“I am just a person who is trying to do his job and to help people get around, it is unbelievable that kids of 14 or 15 think it’s okay to do this — I mean what is going on?”

Mr Patel said he believes incidents like this may be pre-planned on social media sites.

Director of Metro Taxis Nick Astley says people do not realise drivers work for themselves and rely on their vehicle to make a living.


He said: “Luckily the damage in this case hasn’t been too big, but if a driver has to take his car off the road to get it fixed then that can affect their income and obviously their family.

“The bigger issue though is the danger these incidents can cause, if those stones caused a car to swerve and kill someone then those kids could face a manslaughter charge — I just don’t think they realise how serious the consequences could be.”

“It is disgusting when someone is coming to work and trying to make an honest living and is attacked like this.”

Police are investigating.