THEY may still be at primary school, but these Farnworth children are developing into model citizens.

Year six pupils at Highfield Primary School are already working together to help make the area they live in a better place.

And they became the first group of socially conscious youngsters to graduate from the Young Citizens Project, a first-of-its-kind scheme run by Bolton Lads and Girls Club.

The programme, exclusive to Bolton, was launched following the huge success of the National Citizen Service, a nationwide scheme aimed at 16 to 17-years-olds.

The Young Citizens Project is aimed at young people aged 10 to 14 and runs along the same lines as the national scheme in helping children build their confidence and self-esteem while developing a sense of independence and importance.

Over seven weeks, the group went into their local community to complete “Mission Farnworth” by answering different questions so they could starting thinking about their “social action project”.

This was followed up by asking local people what they thought needed improving in Farnworth and, after analysing the results, they decided to focus their project around litter and raising awareness of the importance of putting rubbish in the bin.

The group then planned their project and were split into the budgeting team, the equipment team and the logistics team.

As well as organising a litter pick, they wanted to carry on encouraging people to bin litter after the project finished and so decided to do a huge piece of artwork, “Bin It”, which takes pride of place in the school grounds.

Not only did they design and create the artwork, the children also spent a day litter picking in Bolton and filled 12 huge bin bags with rubbish.

As part of the scheme the children had the opportunity to take part in fun teambuilding exercises, which included taking part in games so the group could bond together and be able to work effectively as a team.

A graduation ceremony was also held for the children to recognise their hard work and achievements. They were all presented with Young Citizens certificate.

Carly Brown, Bolton Lads and Girls Youth Club manager, said: “The Young Citizens Project has really empowered Highfield pupils to undertake practical volunteering opportunities within the Farnworth area.

“It has been a privilege to work with the school and the young people supporting local residents and, in turn, contributing to their individual personal development.

“To see them do it because they want to see change in their community and make a difference is something Bolton should be really proud of. We certainly are.”

Year six pupil Megan Lomax who took part, said: “I enjoyed the Young Citizens Project because I got to go out and help the community whilst having fun with my friends.”

  • Schools can find out more about the project by calling 01204 540 100 or visiting