FANS of courtroom drama Silk have been left wondering if it will return after the final episode left several unanswered questions.

Last night’s series finale of the popular BBC1 show, starring Bolton actress Maxine Peake as Martha Costello, appeared to leave several loose ends prompting viewers to comment online.

Angie Miller, writing on website Digital Spy, said: “Really disappointed. There were too many loose ends that needed tidying up”.

And helendfc said: “The ending was fit for its purpose if there was going to be a 4th series which makes me think that when this was filmed, it was not known that the series would be the last”.

On Twitter, @Mz_Scheherazade wrote: “Am hoping there is at least a one off special of #Silk to come. Martha would have never left, seeing Billy in that state” and @debsylee said: “Seemed a very muddled ending. Can't imagine they're going to leave it there?”

Another fan wrote: “Did Martha jump? Was She figment of imagination? Did Billy collapse? many q's left unanswered”.

Last month it was revealed the final episode of series three of the BAFTA-nominated drama would be the last ever with creator Peter Moffat insisting the series had come to its "natural conclusion".

This afternoon, the first in a three-part radio spin-off of Silk — Silk: The Clerks' Room — was broadcast on Radio 4.

The 45-minute shows each focus on a different clerk, who are the backbone of the Silk barristers' careers, with Jake (Theo Barklem-Biggs), Bethany (Amy Wren) and John (John Macmillan) taking centre stage.

Further productions will be aired on April 8 and 15, in the afternoon drama slot at 2.15pm.