IN December last year, Prime Minister David Cameron visited our offices and spoke with our political reporter Elaine O’Flynn about the issues surrounding Bolton’s trains. Here, Mr Cameron writes exclusively in The Bolton News about the decision to restore peak time carriages to our town’s over crowded rail service.

“A GROWING economy means more good jobs — but to make the most of them, people need great transport too.

"If the trains are packed, it’s vital we invest in better services.

"As part of our long-term economic plan to help Britain succeed, that’s exactly what the government is doing across the north west, with a big scheme that will soon see longer, quicker electric trains in place of today’s crowded diesel units on many routes.

"Bolton is one of the places that will benefit from this, which is why when I was in the town just before Christmas I was concerned to find out that while the work is happening, the current service is sometimes far too crowded, especially on trains that get people to work in the morning.

"That has got to be sorted out and I’ve asked ministers to act.

"Of course, when you get the builders in to improve things for the future, there’s bound to be some disruption.

"But I’m pleased to say that having listened to views in Bolton, we’re making sure that before the end of the year we will lengthen trains where it is possible — which means 200 extra seats on those key morning commuter trains.

"We can do it because in December, the first electric trains ever will start running on the line between Manchester and Liverpool, freeing up spare carriages for routes like Bolton.

"And of course that’s just the start, with work on course to make the Bolton line fully electric by 2016.

"This will be good for jobs, good for businesses and good for Bolton.”