COMMUTERS at Bolton railway station have welcomed the news that more carriages are on the way to ease overcrowding.

Coral Cameron, aged 20, from Great Lever, said: “The trains are rammed in the morning. You’re lucky if you can even get on one sometimes and it’s been like that for years.

“I think an extra 200 seats would make a difference — provided the trains turn up on time.”

Duncan Hall, aged 32, from Deane, said: “I never get to sit down on my train and some mornings you can’t get on in the first place. Quite often I have to get off in different parts of Manchester and walk across town to work.

“I set off early to avoid the crush which, when you’re paying around £93 per month, you shouldn’t have to do as a commuter.”

Diellza Anika, aged 23, from Halliwell, said: “I don’t get the train every morning but when I do I’m always shocked by how packed the trains are.

“You feel like you can’t breathe. The train needs to be bigger.

“I think it’s great news that David Cameron has said there will be more seats in the future — I think it’s quite surprising that he’s said he’ll do it.”

James Lahiff, aged 30, from Deane, said he did not think 200 seats would be enough. He added: “I stand up every day, shoulder to shoulder with other commuters.

“You see conductors telling people with pushchairs there’s not enough room for them. It’s horrible and we pay a lot of money every month for it.”

Ian Roberts travels to Bolton every day from Salford and said he had seen people struggle in overcrowded carriages.

Mr Roberts, aged 49, added: “I just hope the extra seats go on the right services. Where I travel from, Salford into Bolton, if I got an extra carriage or two it would be wasted space. But if it’s going the other direction it would be useful. It’s about how they distribute the new seats.”

Chris White, aged 52, from Bromley Cross, said: “It’s fantastic news.

“As someone who travels every day from Bromley Cross to Manchester city centre it would be really nice to get a seat just once.

“This is long overdue.”

More train carriages is 'great news for passengers'

RAIL minister Stephen Hammond has said more carriages on Bolton’s trains was great news for passengers.

The Bolton News revealed yesterday that prime minister David Cameron said he would ensure 200 extra seats will be available to cramped commuters travelling on morning rush hour services before the end of the year.

The deal is possible as two four-carriage electric trains will start running between Liverpool and Manchester via Newton-le-Willows from December, freeing up two diesel carriages to strengthen Northern Rail services through Bolton.

Mr Hammond said the arrangement underlined the government’s commitment to transforming rail travel in the north of England.

He said: “These electric trains will mean cleaner, quicker and more reliable journeys for thousands more passengers between Manchester and Liverpool, driving forward the economies of these two great cities.

“In addition, the deal will provide extra capacity to Bolton and see a passenger train running on the Todmorden Curve for the first time in more than 40 years.

“I look forward to further improvements as more trains are introduced.”

Work has already started, modifying bridges and tunnels, to enable Bolton’s railways to be electrified, as the Manchester to Preston line is scheduled to be upgraded by December, 2016.

In addition, the government has pledged £37 million to electrify the railway between Bolton and Wigan North Western, serving Westhoughton, Hindley and Ince, which is set to be finished by 2017.