WHEN my trailblazing colleagues Elaine O’Flynn and Liam Thorp revealed earlier this week that rush-hour trains through Bolton would get bigger, I was absolutely delighted.

Taking the train to work each morning and evening on the Preston-to-Bolton line can be an energy-sapping experience and the extra 200 seats will be a massive help.

Earlier this week on the way to work I found myself in the centre of a packed carriage and had to plan a Jason Bourne-style exit strategy to pass through dozens of other standing passengers who were getting off at stops after Bolton, and it was stressful for myself and others.

But our discomfort was nothing compared to the woman in a wheelchair who boarded at Bolton and found herself crammed in among lots of other people. I really felt for her.

Politicians often get a bad reputation and some may have been sceptical that, following his visit to The Bolton News offices in December, Prime Minister David Cameron would actually do anything in response to our Let’s Get Back on Track campaign.

Well done to him for taking action that will benefit many local commuters when the changes come in before the end of the year.