FROM the Rovers Return to Roy’s Rolls, it is one of the country’s most famous streets.

From Saturday, fans of Coronation Street will have six months to walk the iconic cobbles one last time and go behind the scenes of the world’s longest-running soap opera.

Coronation Street The Tour is opening to visitors following the show’s move from its Quay Street home of more than 50 years to a new site at MediaCityUK, Salford Quays.

A team of 35 expert tour guides will give visitors a sneak peek inside the cast’s former dressing rooms, green room, sets open to the public for the first time, and along the much-loved street itself, including the exteriors of Nick’s Bistro and Underworld.

Andy Withers, aged 49, from Walkden, a member of Bolton Little Theatre and Farnworth Little Theatre, is one of the team and a life-long fan of the show.

He said: “Even now, I’m walking round and saying, oh yes, I remember this and that — you forget.

“I’m looking forward to telling people the stories. That’s when it really starts, it’s going to be busy.”

A wealth of props from the show’s 102 marriages, 147 deaths and 44 births can be seen including Becky McDonald’s River Island wedding day shoes and Hayley Cropper’s cardboard coffin.

The venue opened its doors for a special preview yesterday with an appearance from Brian Capron, who played killer Richard Hillman.

He said: “It’s a very nostalgic feeling. I like the fact we’re in the actual studios, it's atmospheric.”

A previous attraction, Granada Studios Tour, attracted millions of visitors between 1988 and 1999.