A JEALOUS ex lover broke into his former partner’s home and launched an attack on her boyfriend with a hammer.

Sonkarlay Koryapoe, aged 27, was yesterday jailed for the attack which left victim Clinton Beresford with a missing tooth, and cuts to his head and upper lip.

Saul Brody, prosecuting, said Koryapoe, who was staying at a friend’s home in Red Lane, Breightmet, smashed a window at his ex-girlfriend Naomi Burke’s home in Uttley Street, Halliwell, and waited for her to return.

The attack happened as Miss Burke and Mr Beresford returned to the home in the early hours of Boxing Day last year, Bolton Crown Court heard.

Mr Brody said: “As Mr Beresford went into the living room he was confronted by Koryapoe. He was armed with a hammer. The defendant launched into a sustained attack, hitting him with a hammer on the head and body on numerous occasions.

“Such was the suddenness of the assault that he took evasive action. He was struck repeatedly on the head, face and body.”

The defendant, who has a young son with Miss Burke, had been living in Reading and sent a text message to Miss Burke around the time of the incident.

He said: “Tell my son goodbye. I am ending my life today. This is all your fault.”

Mr Beresford feared for his life during the attack and said his face was “a mess and extremely painful” following the incident, the court heard.

Nick Ross, defending, said the defendant had hoped to see his son on Christmas Day but claimed Miss Burke did not respond to his text messages and phone calls.

He became frustrated and went to her home after drinking and smoking cannabis.

He said Koryapoe was desperate and the “red mist descended”.

The defendant had received private education and his father was a doctor, the court heard. He had no previous convictions.

Judge Peter Davies, sentencing, said: “It was a sustained and pre-meditated attack. You targeted him. You intended to inflict more harm than necessary and that was sustained. You are fortunate more serious or fatal injures weren’t caused.”

Koryapoe admitted wounding with intent and criminal damage. He was jailed for seven years.