FIREFIGHTERS rescued a man who was in a diabetic coma — after he collapsed making toast.

Emergency crews were called to the smoke-filled home in Nevis Grove, Astley Bridge, at about 8.50pm on Friday when neighbours heard the smoke alarm.

Firefighters broke down the front door and discovered the 53-year-old man collapsed in his bedroom.

The man had fallen into a diabetic coma while making toast in the kitchen.

Paramedics had to resuscitate the man in the front garden while concerned neighbours looked on. Shelley Masters, aged 24, of Nevis Grove, said: “We were banging on the windows and door but we couldn’t stir him. We called the fire service right away.

“When they got him out they had to resuscitate him on the lawn. It was awful because he was so confused. The whole street was outside. We’re just hoping he’ll be okay now.”

Another neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: “I heard the fire alarm and I could see the smoke coming from the kitchen. It’s actually the second time I’ve had to do this because we all know he’s diabetic.

“He should be okay now, we hope. I was just looking out for a neighbour.”

Watch manager Gary Hodson, of Bolton North station, said: “There was some smoke in the flat when we arrived so we had no choice but to break the door down to get the man out.

“We believe he had fallen into a diabetic coma.

“Paramedics treated him on the scene before taking him to hospital.

“It is a good job a smoke alarm was fitted in this property so that the neighbours were alerted to what could have been a much more serious fire.”

There was minor damage to the grill of the cooker.