A BRAVE youngster who is set to undergo a painful procedure to lengthen her leg was given a Disney-themed boost by kind-hearted classmates.

Molly Denney, aged four, suffers from proximal femoral focal deficiency, a rare birth defect which means her left femur is much shorter than her right.

On Friday, children at Christ Church Ainsworth Primary raised £300 by holding a Disney day for Alder Hey in aid of the Liverpool children’s hospital where Molly will stay for two weeks next month.

The procedure Molly will undergo involves breaking her leg and fixing it to an external frame, which will be gradually moved apart to allow the bone to calcify and grow.

Molly, who is in Reception with her twin sister Ellie, has a difference of six centimetres between the length of her left and right legs and has to wear a specially-made built-up “magic” shoe.

It is hoped the operation will increase the length of her leg by five centimetres but she may have to have the procedure repeated when she is older.

Molly’s mum Sally Denney, a teacher at St Mary’s Primary School in Radcliffe, said: “Molly takes a few more knocks and tumbles than her twin sister, but has never let this hold her back. She is very adventurous.

“Molly does ballet and swimming — she never lets her leg stop her. She tells people ‘I was just born with a little leg’.”

After her operation, Molly will spend a lot of time in a wheelchair and will have to wear her brace for nine months but will also be encouraged to walk to strengthen her bone.

Friends and family of Sally and husband Phil, of Lowercroft Road, Bury, have raised £1,700 for Alder Hey through cake sales and sponsored runs and half marathons. In total, about £2,000 will be donated in honour of Molly and the other poorly children who are treated there.

The day was organised by the school’s charity group, Our World Club, run by teacher Catherine Comac and helps children think about the wider world.

Sally said: “When Molly goes back into school she is going to look different and will be in a wheelchair.Now thanks to the Our World Club, Molly knows what is coming and her friends know what to expect too.

“It is great to have so much support around us and will help in the run up to something which will be difficult for all the family.”

Catherine added: “It was fantastic to get the whole school involved. The children are always enthusiastic about taking part and I would like to thank them and their parents. Times are hard for a lot of people and it was fantastic everyone donated so generously.”

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