AN 87-YEAR-OLD man who fell off his mobility scooter into a busy road has thanked the people who helped him.

Fred Hill had left his home in Timberbottom, Bradshaw, and was travelling on his mobility scooter along Turton Road when his scooter tipped over and left him lying in the gutter at the side of the main road.

He banged his head on the ground and suffered cuts and bruises in the accident on April 6 — but was immediately helped by onlookers and residents, including an off-duty firefighter.

The firefighter, who was trained in first-aid, was driving by but stopped to provide medical help while an ambulance was called.

He also called his colleagues from Bolton North fire station, who came to help.

Neighbours provided blankets, pillows and an umbrella to protect Mr Hill from the wind and rain.

One man also loaded the mobility scooter into his car and dropped it at Mr Hill’s house while another person collected his 90-year-old wife Jean and brought her to her husband’s side.

Mr Hill said: “I want to thank each and every one of them for their actions — there was a great deal of kindness on display that day.

“At the age of 87 I may be jaundice enough to think that there is not enough loving feeling in the world, but now I am sure that there is.”

Mr Hill was taken to hospital and had a brain scan but has been told that everything is fine, apart from his bruising and cuts.

“It was not a nice experience, and after falling into a busy road I was fortunate not to be run over — I was a bit woozy at the time, but I remember one woman running into the road to direct the traffic around me.”

“I just can’t over-emphasise the regard I have for all the people who came to help me on that day.”

He said that he has since been visited by one of the men who helped him on the day who wanted to check on him.

Mr Hill added: “To think that this man would once again go out of his way to see how I was is very moving for me.”