WHEN it comes to raising money for charity, energetic youngsters and staff at Gaskell Primary School simply skip to it.

Teachers and pupils took part in a six-hour skipping marathon for the British Heart Foundation as part of its Jump Rope For Heart, an educational fundraising programme designed to help children skip their way to health.

Each class skipped for 30 minutes in a continuous loop for the day and won sponsorship for their efforts.

Emily Kirk, headteacher, said: “We are really proud of the way our children rose to the challenge of our skipathon.

“All staff and children took part in our marathon doing trick skipping, in pairs and as a group with the ‘big rope’.

“We all had great fun and were absolutely delighted to raise more than £1,000 for the British Heart Foundation.”

She added: “The day really helped to develop our children’s understanding of the importance of taking part in charitable work, which we believe is a vital part of their personal development.”

The British Heart Foundation initiative started 27 years ago, and since then more than 25,000 schools and youth clubs have signed up to the event.

The charity says that skipping is recognised as a fun and enjoyable activity that gets children active, while raising money for its life-saving work.

Gaskell pupil, Caden Atkinson, aged seven, said: “We had a really fun time, I didn’t realise that skipping could be so much fun and we helped raise money for people with poorly hearts.”

Chanelle Derbyshire, aged nine, added: “I really enjoyed taking part in all the different skipping activities. It was really good that all our teachers joined in too.

Last year, The Bolton News launched the Every School Leaver A Lifesaver campaign by joining forces with Bolton West MP Julie Hilling to promote the teaching of emergency life-saving skills.

Ms Hilling was inspired to start her campaign after former Bolton player Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch during an FA Cup match at Tottenham Hotspur and was resuscitated after his heart had stopped beating.