A FARNWORTH man has been left “angry” and “confused” after returning home from a night shift to find his garden shed destroyed by a blaze.

The man, who did not want to be named, was working overnight and returned to his home in Glynne Street yesterday (FRI) to find the aftermath of the blaze.

Firefighters had been called to the property at about 3.30am after the blaze had spread from the shed to several conifer trees.

Crews spent about an hour using hoses to put out the large flames but the blaze destroyed the shed and burnt several of the trees.

The man said: “I had no idea about the fire until I came back to see the mess in my garden the next day.

“The shed has completely gone and obviously the bits and pieces that were inside it, there is also a lot of damage to the trees, they are really burnt — its not a nice thing to see.

“It is lucky that the shed wasn’t nearer to the house or the whole place might have gone up.”

He added that the fence panel that leads from his garden to back alley has been destroyed and that he won’t be able to get someone to replace it until after the bank holiday weekend.

He said: “It does leave me a bit vulnerable, anybody could come into the garden.”

Police have been informed and are investigating how the fire was started.