A UNION chief from Bolton has called for exam boards to review the timetabling of A-level and GCSE exams to consider the impact of Ramadan on Muslim students.

Barry Lingard, who is also on the Association of Teachers and Lectures (ATL) Executive, suggested that big exams could be scheduled for the morning only so results are not jeopardised as a result of fasting.

He said over the next few years, the holy month, which Muslims observe by fasting, will increasingly fall during the exams period, which could affect teenager’s results.

Mr Lingard told the union’s annual conference in Manchester that ATL had been in discussions with the Joint Council for Qualifications, which represents exam boards — and Muslim organisations — over the issue.

Proposing a resolution on the topic Mr Lingard said it was Whighly unlikelyW that exam boards will change summer timetables.

Mr Lingard said: “We are in cycle that over the next few years, Ramadan will fall in the middle of the exams season, this year it will be at the tail end.

“Some schools are more aware of this than others.

“Schools such as Essa and Smithills have always done their best for Muslim students, and talks are already taking place with exam boards about discussions about what can be changed — maybe having the big exams in the morning.”

Delegates passed the resolution, which called on the union to raise awareness of the potential impact of Ramadan on Muslim students’ education.